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The mark of a great business centers around how strong its team is. If you’re not sure about that, then think about your personal life. How many of your friends in your circle have the same level of success? After all, like the saying goes, “You are the sum of your five closest friends.”

The same can be said in business. You will be the sum of your strongest team members. With that in mind, when you’re thinking about building a team, follow these suggestions to build a powerhouse group that roots for each other and brings their best to the table each and every day.

Don’t Lure

Most of the talent that you will be looking for likely already have a steady job. Now, the goal isn’t to lure them away from that job, but to create an opportunity for them to see where their life could be within the next five years as a result of joining your team. That could persuade them to make the shift to join you.

Even the Playing Field

Dynamic team members are looking to be part of a relational ecosystem where the decision-making rests in the hands of the CEO or business owner, but ideas can also be collaborated on with an open-door policy. As you’re looking for who to hire, keep this in mind. While your initial thought maybe to hire the employee who will step back when it comes time to share ideas, the people who will work best on a team are those who are willing to collaborate and speak up, sparking innovation.

Be Flexible

Strong team members often have diverse interest outside of the company. When you’re looking to create a remarkable, cohesive team, remember that part of the hiring process will be showing them the flexibility within the position they could have. For example, vacation days, family or sick leave, and the ability to work remotely. All of these are job benefits that strong team members look for because they understand that a job doesn’t just happen within the confines of its description.

These are some of the strategies that you will need to keep in mind as you assemble your all-star team. Remember, you are only as good as your teammates working around you.