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Changing the frequency of your thoughts, will give you the power to change your life.


It’s true that your thoughts can be your biggest helper or your worst enemy, but of course, this is all up to you and no one else. Mental chatter, or what people often call “self-talk,” is basically loud talking usually summoned when a person is at the brink of losing their sanity. If you do it, sometimes it can be something that might make you look stupid. However, when it comes down to it, engaging in positive self-talk can make some pretty major impacts on your well-being, and we mean major! Positive self-talk can take many forms, some people use positive thinking, others may use affirmations. No matter how you use it, when you change your words, you have the power to change your life, so here’s a little about its potential and why you should be doing it!


Mastering your mind comes from the learned ability to choose what’s best for yourself to think and feel. To not cheat yourself, but rather, align your mind with your desires and get your hands back on your life’s remote control and press mute when your mind tries to play tricks on you. Self-talk helps you become more conscious and aware of your inner life.


Sometimes, when your mind can’t stop thinking, you can get really overwhelmed and anxious, which in turn leads to diminished productivity and growing stress. But, the good news is, you don’t have to continue living this way. When you’re having a hectic day, self-talk can help reduce anxiety and stress before they start by keeping your head high and your problems below you. After all, what doesn’t kill makes you stronger…right?


Negativity and lack of self-belief greatly hinder people from performing tasks and at their best. When we doubt ability to do certain things, in a sense, we are already setting boundaries on what we can and can’t do. One of the benefits of positive self-talk is that it solidifies your belief in yourself, and we believe that alone is a huge game-changer! Believing you will do great, no matter what you do, is readying yourself for a more favourable outcome.


Now this one seems pretty self-explanatory, but it’s worth noting. Positivity helps you see the good in yourself and will bring about easy-going relationships as another benefit. Maintaining being positive and speaking positively to yourself will soon reflect and apply to people around you. You will begin to see the positive traits of your friends, families, and co-workers and as a whole. You’ll also appear to be a more approachable and genuine person – all thanks to positive self-talk!


For certain, there are honestly just too many benefits of positive self-talk to list all of them in one article. What it really comes down to is having a perspective shift. Positive self-talk enables clarity, and having clarity just makes everything so much more clear. Of course, if this all sounds too simple, just try it and see for yourself, and remember, your words are the building bricks to your dreams, so use them wisely.