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Motivation is the driving force that gets everyone going in the morning. It’s what keeps people busy instead of lazy and focused instead of apathetic. That is why a lack of motivation is devastating and affects every aspect of life in a negative way. It’s important to learn a few reasons for what causes a lack of motivation.

Past Events

Some people lose focus whenever they think of past traumatic events. Certain actions are linked to certain memories that they hold back. For instance, an office worker could be wary of using a printer because of an accident that occurred years ago. Any reminder of past trauma makes it difficult to move forward and maintain a high amount of motivation.

Poor Physical Health

Every psychologist knows that the mind is linked to the body. The state of one’s physical health affects how well he or she is able to think, concentrate and function in life. A good diet has proper nutrition that is needed to be alert and energetic.


Having doubts about one’s ability or low self confidence is another cause of low motivation. People who don’t believe that they can accomplish certain feats will not be motivated to try. The foundation of all success starts with a high level of confidence and belief in one’s abilities.

Uncertainty of the Future

Many people are reluctant to act in certain ways when they are uncertain of the benefits. They are more motivated to act when they know of rewards in the future. For instance, most employees work because they are paid salaries. Without this promise of money, most of them will lack the motivation to show up to work and quit altogether.

It’s also common for people to avoid investing in first-time projects. They see a new, innovative idea that no one has used before and has produced no results yet. On the other hand, there are people who realize that no success is gained without risk.

There are countless people who are going through the motions without a clear purpose in mind. They lack the motivation to seek promotions in the workplace, repair sour relationships or even get up in the morning. It’s necessary to think of why this lack of energy occurs and find ways to set and accomplish more goals in life.