Ways to Get Yourself Motivated again

To motivate yourself like a boss doesn’t take as much energy as you may think. We all experience times when the motivation is on point and we are firing on all cylinders. We also go through times when we can’t drag our ass off the sofa much less be productive. So what do you do when motivation seems like the elusive pair of jeans that makes your butt look just right? We’ve got some ways that you can help you get your mo-jo back.

Make a list– A real one with pen & paper

Making a list may seem old school and old fashioned, but they actually work to motivate yourself. To-do lists help you organize your thoughts and be able to physically see them rather than having all of that stuff swirling around in your brain. The list gives you a visual of what actually needs to be done rather than what you think needs to be done. Some tasks have already been done, but you forgot because you didn’t write it down.


Even when making your list, you can start with what is most important. Answering emails and scheduling next weeks carpool may at be the top of your list today because those matters are the most pressing. It can even be helpful to give categories to your priorities. Work, Personal, Kids, etc. Having these “sub lists” helps you put the most necessary tasks under each heading first. Then you can see exactly what needs to be handled first, motivating yourself the most.

Reduce DistractionsPut the phone down for a little while

Set some time aside where you put your phone down and stop scrolling to motivate yourself. Our phones are part of our important existence these days, but they can also distract us from getting things done. Putting your phone down for just a little time can free your mind and brain to actually get some things done. The freedom of not worrying about who is doing what on social media can help you get on task.

Start with small blocks of time

If looking at an entire day of tasks seems overwhelming right now, start where you can to motivate yourself. Take one hour blocks of time to get some things done. Once that one hour passes, go on to the next one. The feeling of accomplishment of the things you got done in that first hour will help propel you into the next one.

Celebrate small wins with breaks

If you are blocking your time and feeling accomplished with what you were able to do, give yourself a break. Go make a cup of tea, take a quick walk, or make a snack to motivate yourself. The feeling of giving yourself a reward for getting things done will offer you the chance to repeat that behavior…….and feel good about it!

Being able to motivate yourself doesn’t have to be hard, just start somewhere and go from there. By the time you turn around you will have accomplished so many things, feel better, and be proud of yourself. Scratching things off your list is empowering.

Do you have any tips you use to motivate yourself? Share them with me!