You must learn to get out of your own way. Imagine someone you care about has come asking you for advice. She’s feeling so awful about herself, and keeps putting herself down… “I’m so dumb.” “I’ll never be good enough.” “I’m ugly.” “I suck.” Of course, you will tell her that NONE of this is true! You care about her, after all; so you will tell her how beautiful, amazing, and smart she is. You will show her what you see in her—not the lies she’s been telling and believing about herself.

That was a pretty normal scenario, right? Most of us find it so easy to encourage and uplift those we love. Now imagine/remember all the things you feel about YOURSELF. Are these things as positive and uplifting as your words to your friend? Most likely not… Unfortunately, as women, we tend to be very hard on ourselves. We often have many hats on all at once, and it can be difficult to balance all of our roles as well as self-care. When this imbalance happens, it becomes easy to feel burnt out, depressed, and unmotivated. These feelings completely kill our drive, and we are forget how to act like the absolute QUEENS we are! We let ourselves get in our own way!

So how can you get out of your own way??

Treat yourself like someone you actually care about! A great way to do this is to imagine the given situation from an outside perspective. Say you’re having a super busy week, and someone wants you to do them a favor. It may be simple, but you already have a TON on your plate. Instead of saying yes and people-pleasing—and adding MORE stress to your week—take yourself out of the scenario. Envision someone telling you about this crazy week, and then they tell you about the favor. What would you tell them to say? Would you tell them to make sure they don’t upset anyone, and that they should take on this new task despite being overwhelmed? Or would you tell them that it’s OKAY to say no?? You would want what’s best for someone else, and that should be no different from how you treat yourself.

Positive Thinking Helps!

Instead of thinking negatively all the time, think of things that are positive that can give you a good feeling rather than a bad one. Positive thinking only takes a little bit of effort, and the changes in your mindset will be worth it. Think and tell yourself all the things that you love about yourself. Acknowledge what you are good at too! Are you a great friend, listener, writer, etc? Let those great things about yourself lead you to the wonderful path you are creating for yourself.

This way of thinking holds true for any situation you find yourself in your way in. Love yourself, and get out of your own way today!