Julie Lea is off to a great start! Already named 1 of the top 10 business coaches for 2021 with yahoo!finance and GlobeNewsWire!

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My work at Iron Crown is all about holding space for that transformation and teaching them to believe in themselves enough to try. It’s the most important step!

“New Orleans-based Life and Business Coach, Julie Lea, helps women to overcome their fears by building up their self confidence through personal 1:1 and group coaching support.”


I help them to see that even if it doesn’t work, they learn something in the process that they can take with them to their next adventure to make that one even bigger and better than the last.

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I know we can do such amazing things when we come together as one — that’s why I’m so committed to raising other women up in any way I can — that way we can all achieve anything we want to conquer. Iron Crown is our space.

“In and outside of her work, Julie’s big mission in life is to create a space where women come together and stop being so hard on themselves and each other.”


Women are truly incredible. I really believe we all want and need to belong, and to find a place where we all feel safe and connected to each other. I love facilitating this wherever I can — whether in my work as a coach or elsewhere in my life. For example, I founded an all-female Mardi Gras Krewe back in 2011 with a dream and a prayer. Today, the Krewe has grown to be the largest in Mardi Gras history with over 3,400 women as of 2020! At Iron Crown we truly believe this.

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