Let your light shine my friend! Self confidence isn’t easy and you should know that we all have struggled with it. Every single woman out there has had anxiety over self confidence. Me too🙋‍♀️ and sometimes to the point that I’d get shy.⠀

I’m totally not a shy person and never really have been. But I noticed times when I would just shrink into myself to seem quiet and shy. ⠀

At those times I realized that’s when I wasn’t feeling confident and didn’t want to be noticed.⠀

Have you ever let yourself get into your own head that way?🤦‍♀️⠀

It’s so easy to do and so hard to get out of. ⠀

A few things that help me when I’m having those feelings are to “buck myself up”⠀

👉Tell myself positive affirmations about my bad self….Lol ( They really work!)⠀

👉Shut down the negative thinking in my head by replacing it with something empowering.⠀

👉I go read a good quote, look for something that inspires me.⠀

👉Call up a girlfriend and have her tell me how silly I’m being.⠀

Not everyone feels like a big bad ball of confidence all the time and that is OK. Friends you just have to get out of your own head sometimes. ⠀

💥You are strong⠀
💥You are powerful⠀
💥You are beautiful⠀
💥You got this⠀
💥You are not alone⠀

These little tips can help you shine your light when all you want to do is dim it!🔆⠀

Can y’all relate?⠀